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    5 Star Reviews! Making Ends Meet with a Popcorn Popper

    Do you know someone who could use a little inspiration? Someone who could benefit from this unique – with 5 star reviews – collection of anecdotal tips written by a woman who’s ‘been there’ when the chips were down and then dug her way out? Then get them this book.  Really.  🙂 After unexpectedly finding herself nearly destitute, this newly single mother had to learn how to keep her children – and herself – afloat – and FAST. This guide streamlines all the tips she learned along the way, including much of the practical advice you might expect but also some unusual ideas about shifting your mindset when it comes…

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    Top 5 Amazon Writer Must-Haves

    What are a writer’s top must-haves with which to surround themselves?  It’s often been said that the first few sentences are the hardest to write.  This may or may not be true, but getting in touch with that artist within us can sometimes take a little extra time.  For me, I like to be comfortable and have things set up a certain way to ‘get going’.  Every writer is different, but I was able to find some some great ideas and suggestions while online. Here are my “Top 5 Amazon Writer Must-Have Things” to coax out the writer in you: 1.   A cozy blanket.  I love to write sprawled out…

  • I'm Part of the Awesome Gang!

    I’m part of the Awesome Gang!

    Super excited to be featured on the Awesome Gang!   Finally, I’m awesome.  At least they are allowing me to be today. Happy Monday, everybody! Making Ends Meet with a Popcorn Popper by Jacqueline Lucia  

  • Ready...Set...Relax!


    Have you ever been given the opportunity to take a few hours for yourself to just…relax? Has someone ever offered to take the kids for the afternoon so that you can kick back and just…relax? Well, sometimes I get that beautiful gift and I seem to screw it up. EVERY. TIME. Let’s take today, for example. I woke up with back pains and not feeling all so great. My wonderful other half offered to take the children bowling and grocery shopping after we did a few other necessary things. The house had already been cleaned yesterday, so I could truly relax and enjoy my surroundings. It would give him some…

  • How This Book Happened

    How This Book Happened

    So…How DID this book happen?  What made you write it? Why did you write it?  I’ve heard all of these questions from my family and friends. It started as a project to write something small, maybe just a quick e-book, on a few tips I had learned when I was a struggling single mom. It started with Google slides – pre-made slides – that looked awful – and it resembled something of a business Power Point presentation. When I had been in the corporate space all those year ago – I wasn’t even good at making Power Point – so why was I trying this method now? It was ridiculous.…

  • Interview with Fiona Mcvie

    Click here is my interview from January 2018. Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie. Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age? My name is Jacqueline Lucia, the author of “Making Ends Meet with a Popcorn Popper”. I’m old enough to have been married, have children and gotten divorced but young enough to still be able to chase them around and not yet become a grandmother! Fiona: Where are you from? I’m from a small, beautiful town in New England (in the States). I’m so grateful to my parents that I was raised in such…